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At SECURITYPlus we build long-term relationships and trust with our clients through the use of trained guards and robust security technology.  “Our key differentiator in the PNG security marketplace is the UNIGUARD system.

How Uniguard works:

Electronic security tags are placed strategically around the client’s property.  A patrol recorder is programmed to the site, linked to each site tag and allocated frequency of patrols. Every time a security officer patrols the site, they touch the recorder against each tag to indicate a successful patrol.  The unit records in real time and stores patrol data for downloading and analysis by our trained supervisory team.

Why Uniguard works:

Security officers are trained in UNIGUARD and know each tag and site is electronically monitored for successful patrols. Because each site has it own pre-determined patrol frequency at set intervals, security officers know they
must complete each and every patrol and cannot spend time sleeping or slacking – the number one problem faced by clients in the PNG manned guarding industry. If a security officer misses a tag or misses a patrol, our trained supervisory team will identify the miss from recorded data. We use UNIGUARD performance data for payroll and to measure each officer’s performance to ensure client KPI’s are met.

Trained Supervisory Team oversight:

On every location we place a supervisor tag, generally at the furthest-most point of the compound away from the front gate.  We expect that supervisors visit client sites twice per shift (day and night) and we monitor this activity via their Supervisor UNIGUARD Recorder.
Each visit the supervisor is required to check on the security officer(s), walk the site and touch his recorder against the supervisor tag. From this information we can track the movements of our supervisory team, confirming where and at what time client’ sites have been checked.

Benefits of Uniguard at your location:

. Site recorder is downloaded on site, no need to take back to base    .
. Never needs charging (5 year battery life).
. 24/ 7 up-time in real time.
. Extremely robust, bullet proof (unbreakable).
. Fully programmable with shifts, tags, users, frequency of patrols.
. An array of reports can be produced to give the client exact information about security officer performance.

Vehicle tracking systems:

For the protection of our clients, our staff and our assets, every SECURITYPlus vehicle is installed with a tracking system. We use vehicle trackers to monitor the movements of our team to ensure their safety and that they are working in our clients’ best interests.

For further information about this service please contact a member of our professional team via the contact page who will happily assist you.